real estate marketing mistakes, 9 Marketing No-No’s You Must Avoid at All CostsThe real estate market in 2020 was a record year for many realtors. However, some others missed the mark with their digital marketing efforts and lost out on key deals.

If you worry that your real estate marketing strategy isn't on point, then you need to keep reading to learn about the nine mistakes realtors make online every day.

1. Not Building a Daily Lead Generation Machine

Your website is your lead generation machine. People visit your website every day, but are they leaving their information for you to contact them? If not, you need to entice them to do this with a free download offer and promises of weekly information delivered to their inbox.

What would your business look like if you never again had to worry about finding new leads to sell more homes every day? My painless lead generation system, coupled with my decades of experience with SEO, gives me the background to help realtors just like you create a system that brings you warm leads every day.

2. Not Having a Professional Website

Your website must be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. People aren't sitting at home dreaming about new houses. They're driving around their favorite neighborhoods.

And when they see something they like, they're going to Google it on their phones. But, if they have to wait for your site to load or can't find the information they need quickly, they're going to move on. So, make your website a fundamental priority and don't make the mistake of having a poorly functioning site.

3. Forgetting Email Marketing

Too many business owners worry that email marketing is dead. However, time and time again, email marketing ROI continues to outperform other forms of digital marketing year over year.

And the same is true in the real estate market. You need to stay top of mind with all your prospects to maximize your sales and grow your business. Use your email campaigns to build a relationship with your readers and increase your sales.

4. Underestimating and Underutilizing Video

Video marketing isn't the wave of the future; it's the foundation of today's marketing ecosystem. You can't grow your real estate business without quality, professional videos. People want to get to know you as they work with you to find their dream home.

And you can build that trust level with them through video. Likewise, people at the top of the funnel want to view video walkthroughs of homes before they call for a showing. And your videos could make or break the sale, so don't neglect this essential aspect of your marketing strategy.

5. Putting All Their Eggs in One Basket

Yes, video is important, and we'll get to social media next. Plus, don't forget email marketing and content marketing on your website. You need to manage all these different digital marketing strategies to run a successful business, and real estate isn't any different.

When you rely solely on one marketing channel, you risk losing your entire list if they change their algorithms or go out of business. However, when you spread out your marketing efforts, you can reach more people and diversify your marketing efforts.

6. Misusing Social Media

You have to find the Goldilock level of use when it comes to social media. You don't want to miss out on potential leads by not being there enough. But you also don't want to drive away prospects by overdoing it.

Track your analytics and see what resonates with your audience. Then give them more of what they love with your social media marketing. Offer amazing content that provides your customers with real value as they search for their dream home.

Additionally, be sure to make your posts share-worthy so that your current customers share with their friends and you grow your customer base naturally. Lastly, have a strong retargeting ad campaign in place. Warm leads will click on your retargeted display ads, and you won't lose out on that potential business.

7. Not Personalizing Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

Just like with the social media mistake, too many realtors try to mass market their business. But just as there isn't one perfect home for every family, there isn't one perfect marketing tactic for every prospect.

Think about ways you can personalize your marketing beyond inserting their name in your emails. Segment your list by their lifestyle, so you aren't sending information about condos downtown to families. Conversely, you can also segment by annual income or zip code, so you aren't sending multi-acre family farms to single people on your list.

8. Splurging on the Wrong Tools

Yes, you need to invest in your business. And you need quality tools to run a successful business. But you don't need all the tools, so figure out which ones are right for you and invest in those, then leave the rest.

Leveraging data is key to scaling your real estate business. You need to have a robust CRM that handles all your customer and lead information. You need to know who is interested in what so that you can call them when that perfect home comes on the market and show it right away.

9. Being Afraid to Work With an Expert

You are busy running your successful real estate business. You have calls to return and houses to show. You don't have time to worry about forgetting to post to social media or ensuring that your website is optimized and running smoothly.

To ensure that you're not making all these mistakes unintentionally, you need to work with an expert. And that's where we come in. I have decades of experience helping business owners just like you to bring in leads effortlessly.

I can help you correct any mistakes you might be making with your digital marketing efforts, and we can work together to avoid making more mistakes in the future. So, if you're ready to uplevel your business and bring in new prospects every day through digital marketing, then you need to work with an expert.

Get Your Piece of the Real Estate Market in 2021

Real estate market predictions might be uncontrollable, but you are in control of your digital marketing plan. Now you know the top mistakes too many of your colleagues make every year. As a smart business person, you know how to avoid these mistakes to ensure that you're growing your business the right way.

And if you're ready to work with an expert in real estate marketing, then reach out to us today. We help realtors like you every day, and we can help you turn your website and digital marketing strategy into a lead generation machine.

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