RealTrends, a data and analytics company in the real estate industry, researched from January 2014 to May 2015 where traffic to real estate websites came from and how it got there. In 2014, about 204 million unique visitors went to real estate websites, reading about 70 million pages of home listings or Zillow blogs.

One of these individuals has a statistical chance of just under 5 percent of either buying or selling a home this year, assuming both a listing side and a buying side to each of the 5 million homes sold.

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Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate Site, How to Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate WebsiteFrom a marketing perspective, if your marketplace offering is not remarkable it is invisible, loosely quoted from Seth Godin, Purple Cow.

Thus, if you have one of the two million or so IDX sites cranked out by some shop calling it custom because you got to pick out a color scheme and put a picture of your head somewhere — you are invisible.

I suggest that you choose your specialized market niche first and design your website offering built solely around that market segment’s exacting desires second. I’ll discuss several reasons why.

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