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Twitter. Facebook. YouTube. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Tumblr. Blogs, podcasts, and online magazines can all come together to help you establish a content marketing strategy that leads to greater market reach and leads you to more considerable successes, all while keeping your customers happy and current on the latest happenings from your brand. Above are just a few ways that content marketing service providers can expand your brand's reach and increase conversions; however, it is imperative that in your head, you maintain a clear distinction between what content marketing is and what it is not.


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Work on content begins right after the purchase of the service, most times within 24 business hours of the time the service is purchased. The initial work on the account will include topic selection and approval, composing the first piece(s) of content, and sending it over to the partner for approval.

The content team does not take SEO into full account when writing content. If you are receiving SEO services along with content services, our SEO team would be optimizing the content pieces after they are approved and published.

If and when the content service is canceled, you will receive whatever is owed to the client for that billing cycle. Work will stop being fulfilled only after the end of the billing cycle.

If for some reason there are other blog articles that were late/pending and were never sent out, you are still owed those blogs and it will be our team’s duty to make sure you receive everything that is owed to you for those months of active service.

Content fulfillment works in a few easy steps:

1. Completion of the onboarding documents by the partner/client

2. Our team of specialists will review the onboarding documents

3. Our team will send you a list of topics to be approved (typically, it will be around 20 topics and they will ask for you to approve 10 of those topics)

4. Once topics are selected, our team will be able to begin working on the blog posts

5. The blogs will be sent to you for approval as they are ready and you will either need to give it a thumbs up, resend the blog with corrections, or request for us to make somer evisions

6. Once we receive final approval, we will go ahead and post the blog on the site (if we have the proper website access)

Only one round of revisions will be allowed per blog article. If our team writes a blog article and either you or the client has changed their minds regarding the topic used to write the blog, we will not be able to rewrite for another blog article.

Our content team only writes one type of content, blogs. We do not perform content expansions on websites, content alterations, service page content, location page content, etc. If the client is receiving SEO services, we may recommend adding content or creating pages with content, which would be your responsibility to complete if the intent is to complete the recommended actions.

If a specific client is receiving multiple blogs per month (2 or more), all the blogs will be delivered for review at the same time. This is due to our streamlined internal process. After the content is approved for posting, we do not have to schedule the blogs to be published at the same time though. We can schedule the blogs to be posted one week apart or at another time interval if requested.

The first time content topics are sent to you by our team, you should receive about 20 different topics to choose from and the option to select 10 of those. Once our content team is close to depleting all the topics, we will reach out to you again and ask for more.

Depending on the content marketing service and the amount of content you are getting per month, will determine how often we need to reach out to you to get more topics approved. The higher the plan and the more content that is written for the client, the more frequent our team will need to reach out to you to get content topics approved.

If our team reaches out to you, several times about topic selection and you are unresponsive, we will proceed to select topics on your behalf and write content based on those topics. These topics will be selected by our team based on feedback provided in the onboarding docs submitted and/or information we find on the client's website.

Please note, you can still provide us with approved topics whenever available. The blogs we write based on unapproved topics due to lack of communication will be final (aside from slight modifications to the existing blog). You will not be able to have the blog swapped for another blog based on a different topic.

After our content team publishes a blog on a client’s website, that ends the involvement of our team for that specific post. If later on you or the client would like to make any changes to that blog, that responsibility would fall on your end. Depending on the platform used for posting the blog (WordPress, etc.), this should not be too complicated, and help documents can be provided to you upon request if necessary.

If you are not satisfied with a piece of content that has been provided to you by our team, you can request one rewrite for that specific topic. There are some exceptions to this though, for example, if the content team writes a blog article based on a topic that was selected by our team due to lack of communication on the partner’s end, we would not be able to rewrite based on disapproval of the topic. Rewrites are limited to content pieces with approved topics that just missed the mark completely. Again, only ONE rewrite per blog article will be permitted.

Yes. Along with approving some of the blog topics that we generate for the client, it is no problem for us to write articles based on some topics you or the client generated.

Our content team will handle posting as long as the site being posted to is using an easy-to-use CMS (content management system, like WordPress, etc.). If the site is custom-built and requires a knowledgeable developer to post to the site, that would fall outside of the scope of what our content team would be able to do. In that case, we would provide you, with the post and you would need to work with your developer to get the posts published on the site.

Website credentials are necessary for us to post approved blog articles to the website. In the case of content marketing, that is all that will be done by our content team. If backend credentials are not provided to our team, we can write the content and send it to you for publishing.

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Content Marketing : What to Know and How It Can Help Your Sales Funnel

Content marketing isn't about selling.

Content marketing has the potential to help your business build a devoted following and even sell more, but it isn't an immediate direct sales tool. Though some companies use content marketing service providers to push certain products or make direct sales, the most successful content marketers aren't directly selling anything at all. The most successful content marketers exist to educate, entertain, and inspire their readers—and they see conversion into sales as a happy by-product of their work instead of its primary purpose.

It's difficult for most people writing about their businesses to step back from the mentality that everything they write has to be about selling something. But if you can make that leap of faith, you'll find that readers are more likely to appreciate your content and trust your brand when you're giving them helpful information instead of selling them something around every corner.

Content marketing comes in different formats.

Although you’re probably familiar with the content in blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts, did you know there are several other formats? Content marketing isn’t just about the written word. As your customers move through the sales funnel—and as technology changes—you want to provide them with valuable information that helps them make decisions about their purchases.

As an example of potentially less-familiar types of content: infographics help deliver complex information in a digestible way and can be saved/shared across social media platforms or used in emails or on websites. Research also shows that social media posts with images have more engagement than those without. And email newsletters are still a practical way to communicate directly with your current and potential customers who have subscribed to receive them.

Content marketing can help build your brand.

Whenever someone comes across a piece of your content, they'll begin to associate that feeling or tone with your company. This is why brands spend millions on Super Bowl ads: It's an easy way to build a brand by associating certain emotions with your company in viewers' minds. The same principle holds for content marketing.

Content marketing service providers create content that's consistent and genuine. People will begin to associate those feelings and elements with your business, which can help build relationships with customers over the long haul and make it easier to win their loyalty.

Content marketing helps build trust with customers.

Content marketing's primary goal is to build trust with your audience. The more confidence you gain from the people who follow you and buy from you, the more loyal they will be through thick and thin.

You can also use content marketing service providers to build credibility. By providing helpful information to your followers, you show you’re an expert in your field. They see you as a trustworthy source of information about your industry, which means they're more likely to make a purchase decision. How do you make content marketing work?

Content marketing is a long-term investment.

You might worry that content marketing will not yield results for a long time, and you would be mostly correct. Before you see results, your audience needs to get to know you and trust that the advice in your blog posts or ebooks is reliable. That means consistency—regularly posting high-quality content over an extended period—is key to a successful strategy. Plus, since people don't always act right away when they come across a piece of good content, it can take months or even years before they're ready to take the plunge and buy something from your site.

However, given enough time and consideration, the payoff can be enormous; building a relationship with your audience through high-quality content helps them see you as an authority in your industry. When they decide it's finally time to purchase from someone like you, guess who comes to mind first?

SEO matters, but your content still needs to be helpful.

SEO is undoubtedly essential, but you also need to write helpful content. Google can recognize when someone clicks on an article and then immediately goes back to search results, which it considers a “short click.” This tells the algorithm that the user didn't think the content was relevant or valuable. The most effective way to optimize your SEO is by writing helpful content with naturally-used keywords. However, nothing will help your ranking more than solid and shareable content. No matter how perfectly you've optimized your page for SEO, an uninteresting article or blog post will never outrank a good one.

Content marketing will help you show up in search results.

As briefly mentioned above, content marketing is an effective way to make you more visible in your industry. How so? Well, let’s back up a little bit first.

Search engine optimization was pretty straightforward: buy links, post hundreds of pages on your website with your keywords stuffed into them, and write content that included these keywords as many times as possible—boom! You had an optimized website. The truth is that this strategy may have worked for a little while, but it doesn’t work anymore (and never really did). These days, if you want to rise in search engine rankings and get more traffic to your website—a must for any business—you need high-quality content.

Content marketing is about building relationships.

Content marketing is all about building relationships. When you publish content regularly, you'll see your readership increase, your credibility rise, and your audience's trust in you deepen.

But there's more! You can also use content marketing to build relationships with customers and prospects, influencers and other businesses, and even your employees.

Find a content marketer who cares about your business as much as you do and will build a relationship with you and your customers.

It’s time to decide what kind of content marketer you want. What is important to me? Do you want someone motivated by a challenge? Or someone who is more laid-back? What character traits are essential to you in a partner?

Does this mean that you should only work with people who share the same beliefs and values as you do? Not necessarily. But it does mean that if some specific issues or topics are fundamental to your customers (e.g., environmental sustainability), working with someone who shares those same priorities can be beneficial because they will better understand how best to serve them.

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