Convert Traffic

Convert Traffic – While traffic is very important for running a successful business, it’s even more important to convert that traffic into customers, sales, and profits.

  • A/B Testing – Split testing is a great way to compare the performance of two versions of your web pages. By understanding what works best, you can improve all the pages of your web site and greatly increase the conversion rates.
  • Analytics Goals – Each web page has components that help with converting traffic into sales. By tracking and analyzing the performance of these components, you can set goals for each page and then develop web pages that make your overall web site more successful.
  • Heat Maps – A heat map allows you to see how visitors to your web site interact with your web pages. With heat maps you can learn what sections of your page receive the most attention, what traffic sources are generating the most traffic to which items, and what items are receiving the most clicks. By acting upon this information we are able to measurably improve conversion rates.
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