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Monitor Traffic – By monitoring your traffic, you can learn a lot about your visitors that can help you in your marketing. You can learn how your visitors found your site, who your visitors are, and what they do once they are on your web site.

  • Google Analytics – This Google tool provides a lot of valuable information about how your web site performs. The tool also tells you what keywords people use to find your web site and how many clicks and impressions each keyword gets. These important metrics need to be monitored and analyzed on a regular basis. The Website Marketing Pro helps you to understand this data.
  • Webmaster Tools – It’s important that your web site be technically correct so that people can find and view your site. Webmaster tools makes sure that your web pages are all functioning properly. The tools report error massages that visitors are getting, and also identify all types of malware that might be infecting your site.
  • Demographics – The demographics of your web site can tell you such things as the gender, age, location, and income level of your web site visitors. By knowing who is coming to your web site, you can target your marketing messages to appeal to the customers you want.
  • Reputation Management – It’s important to be able to manage what is being said about your company’s services and products online. Many people look for reviews of companies online before making a buying decision. You want to maintain a good online reputation so potential customers will want to buy from you. You need to monitor what is said about your company on the Internet and deal with any negative comments or even the absence of comments. The Website Marketing Pro can help you to repair and improve your reputation.
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