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The digital marketing industry constantly changes with new trends, techniques, and strategies becoming the norm. If you want to succeed, you have to be able to adapt. For this reason, The Website Marketing Pro helps professionals in the home renovation business learn how to create an effective strategy. Our digital marketing strategy consultants can help you find new ways to make your brand visible online and increase your client base.


Our Happy Clients

If you need professional help with your website management and business marketing, I highly recommend Dick Ingersoll. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and patient, particularly with novices (of which I am one). Since a part of my business involves speaking and training in humor and creativity, I particularly appreciate Dick’s sense of humor and sparks of creativity, as well.

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Avery Henderson

Working with Richard has been a great pleasure. Richard has extensive knowledge of SEO services. Having the opportunity to work with new clients in my freelance business and knowing that new incoming traffic will be delivered to our clients’ sites is a truly rewarding experience. Richard is great resource that could expand your business exponentially with the SEO and PPC services he provides

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Increase of 272 leads and reduced cost of $20k in just 90 Days (and a potential of 54 additional jobs)

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A Comprehensive Process to Skyrocket Conversions and Generate More Referrals

1. 30-Day Ad Campaign Strategy

Assess your current ad campaign and how you stack up against your competition.

2. Reduce Ad Costs / Increase Leads

Reduce your costs by as much as 50%

3. Missed Estimate Recovery

Increase your closes from outstanding estimates to jobs by 20%

4. Client Review Automation

Increase reviews and your Google Map rank to generate more calls

5. Client Referral Automation

Creating more raving fans for your business so that you are increasing the # of referrals ever month

Our Memberships

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Free Call With Dick: Evaluate Your Google Ads’ Account Effectiveness, and Get a Free Estimated Impact Report!

Uncover your Google Ads’ potential by comparing them to your competitors. Gain insights, fine-tune strategy, and excel. Unleash your competitive edge!

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