Testimonial from Avery Henderson

“If you need professional help with your website management and business marketing, I highly recommend Dick Ingersoll. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and patient, particularly with novices (of which I am one). Since a part of my business involves speaking and training in humor and creativity, I particularly appreciate Dick’s sense of humor and sparks of creativity, as well.

As a motivational speaker and trainer, it is important that I market my business actively and passively. Before meeting Dick Ingersoll I thought my website was a passive marketing element to which I could occasionally refer potential clients to learn more about my services. In fact, I was so passive that I had not attended to elements that needed revision for a couple of years. Since it was out of date, I was somewhat reluctant to refer many people to it. Instead, I would send out a marketing portfolio which was quite costly. With Dick’s help, all of that has changed. Now, I am particularly proud to send potential clients to the website.

In our initial discussions, Dick convinced me that my website is a dynamic marketing tool with which I can gain more and more business and save money on marketing in the long run. (With rare exceptions, I no longer need to send out marketing portfolios.)That was the spark needed to change the way I was trying to obtain business. Although I am working a little longer, I see it as working smarter in a different direction.

Dick gave me wonderful advice about the changes I wanted to make on the website. I appreciate the patience he had with me as I tried many ways of revising all the pages. The final product was completed about a month ago and I have received some terrific positive feedback from people who have reviewed it. I’m very satisfied with the website, but as Dick reminds me, it is a continual process of change based upon the responses to all the hits the website receives.

Most importantly, Dick went way beyond the technical aspects of website management. He has inspired me to actively drive potential clients to my site and get them to take action. This is done by writing articles that Dick can post on hundreds of other websites. The articles are tastes of the topics I use in my keynote addresses and training sessions. Readers who like the article topics can go to my website to check out my services and program offerings. This week I will finish my third article and I am looking forward to writing more. Needless to say, thanks to Dick, I am tremendously excited about the creative potential for my business!

A word to the wise you will find Dick Ingersoll’s services to be tremendously affordable in this era of double-digit inflation! I urge you to contact him to see how he can be of service. Ah, yes! There’s another benefit, you’ll have fun working with him!”