Cutting-edge managed Google Ads for Small Business.

It’s true: paid advertising is a foundational element to any local business’s marketing stack. It’s often the way consumers first discover a business and learn more about the products and services they offer. Television, radio, and billboards aren’t going away completely; they’re now being supplemented with cutting-edge search, social, and display advertising technologies. With our fully managed service, you get the perfect recipe for improving your retention and revenue.

The best part? You see real results. Impressions, clicks, and even things like real-world store visits and phone calls — all delivered back to your business to help you see your return on investment. To top it all off, everything is managed by our strategists.

This is a fully managed service, created to help you take advantage of the digital advertising landscape. Using industry-leading technology, our team will create the banner ads for your business, manage the ads campaign, and set up monthly reporting so ad performance can be tracked.

How to use this service

Kickoff your campaign by activating Google Ads Setup then choose one of or any combination of our Google Ads add-ons to allocate your minimum spend. Increase the spend incrementally through the Additional Campaign Spend add-ons.

Our Google Ads products are meant to be used on Google Ads and targeted on websites and in mobile apps through Display Advertising.

Ready to get started with Google Ads for Small Business Setup?

  • Superior awareness & exposure: Google Ads uses the most advanced, data-driven advertising technologies to promote your business to the right prospects at the right time. including competitor’s customers, nearby consumers, recent website visitors, past customers, and more.
  • Managed services: Our experienced digital advertising professionals will do all the heavy lifting for you, from setting up targeting and building ad assets to providing you with monthly proof-of-performance reports. Based on the campaign goal, we will also build a landing page if needed.
  • Select one of the add-ons to decide which platform you want to run the ads on. Each add-on is worth $500 in. For additional spending, select the additional budget add-on.

All Google Ads services must be purchased with the Marketing Services add-on. Requires a minimum three-month commitment and will reset to a one month recurred billing after the first three months. Upon deactivation, you will still be charged for the remainder of the billing period. Contact your account representative for more information.

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