Have you ever bought something you really wanted and then put it on the shelf and forgotten about it? Maybe you found it a month later, and you no longer wanted whatever it was.

Leads are valuable items that should not be misplaced. Do you have a system for how leads are handled? How are they managed before they get to sales? Well, it would be advisable to have some system established.

Today Meredith Hewinson shares her suggested system with us in her article “Lead Tracking: 5 Best Practices for Marketing Operations” You will learn a process that takes advantage of your lead generation techniques from beginning to end most effectively.

Best Practices for Marketing Operations, 5 Best Practices for Lead TrackingMarketing operations is often tasked with the responsibility of tracking leads, but it’s not without obstacles. Marketing operations must deal with challenges including time management, expectation management, system limitations, training, and enablement. For example, expectation management often falls on the operations practitioner who must balance feedback and understanding, while communicating across the organizations.

Marketing operations also deals with not being seen as a strategic partner when they are in fact a vital and strategic player. The practitioner may find half-baked strategies and execution, which brings its own set of challenges when tracking lead conversion and pipeline.

Overall, marketing automation, combined with smart organization, communication, and collaboration, can bring all your lead tracking efforts in alignment.

1) Determine What’s a Good Lead
2) Define Fields in Your CRM Systems
3) Organize
4) Promote Efficiency
5) Customize Sales Pitches

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