unique real estate marketing ideasAlmost everyone is texting today, it’s a convenient way to leave a message for someone without interrupting them at their current task.

So, today’s article “9 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Implement Today”, offers some great ideas on how to integrate this convenient communication medium with your marketing.

How about texting prospect photos of the interior of a home that they’re driving by, or perhaps sending your buyers a happy anniversary of their home purchase?

Try some of these ideas on for size and see how they fit!

Put some of these nine unique real estate marketing ideas into practice for your agency, and you’ll be sure to get the attention of your market. Your prospects and clients will see your creativity, get to know you better, and wonder why other agents aren’t doing the same thing.

As you implement some new real estate marketing tactics, it’s a good idea to develop your own playbook of campaigns which produce results, so that you can come back and use them again and again.

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