Do you remember generating lists of prospects and phone numbers and sitting down to dial for dollars? That was probably some of the least productive efforts I ever took part in. Do you remember 100 calls will yield 20 contacts, which will yield 5 presentations, which will yield 1 sale? Real estate lead generation techniques have come a long way. Though there are a lot of creative ways to generate leads, content marketing is one that continues to be very productive. What better way to prospect than to let folks know what your specialties are and to share your knowledge with them. When it comes to win/win, this one checks all the boxes.

Kyle Harper explores how to best use your content marketing to drive leads in his article “Strategies for Driving Lead Generation with Your Content Marketing.” You'll learn two different models that both work … just one better than the other.

drive lead generation, Using Content Marketing to Drive Lead GenerationThe demand for more and better leads may be a constant for marketers, but the rise of digital marketing has dramatically changed our approach to lead generation. After the growing pains of full screen pop-ups for opt-in, mail-in sign ups, and some extremely aggressive follow-up campaigns, we’re currently in a much better place. Many businesses now understand that effective lead generation can’t be forced; it has to be nurtured.

The user-oriented mindset of content marketing presents an opportunity to reshape lead generation strategies to not only encourage users to convert, but also to gather useful information about our audience—all without sacrificing the quality of the content experience.

If we’re going to understand how lead generation fits into a larger engagement marketing strategy, we have to understand how leads themselves have changed.

For many marketers, it’s hard to break away from the mid-’90s, Glengarry Glen Ross sense of what a lead can be: just a list of names and numbers for salespeople to call. In reality, today’s leads are much more layered, having grown up alongside more sophisticated marketing segmentation. Leads don’t have to be people screaming their intent to purchase; they can be newsletter subscribers, logged-in users, or converted customers waiting to be re-engaged.

The Anatomy of a Lead
Lead Generation Model One: Diverse Avenue
Lead Generation Model Two: Welcoming Gates
Redefining Lead Generation Strategy

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