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The Top Three Digital MarketingTools for Your Real Estate Business

While I was looking for content to share this week, I came across "The Top Three Digital Marketing Tools for Your Real Estate Business". What jumped out at me was the sentence, "Below, we discuss what we believe are the three essential digital marketing tools: websites, search engine optimization, and social media." Can I get

5 Tactics That Get Prospects to Trust Your Real Estate Website

Nothing builds trust better than reviews and testimonials. So how do you make that happen? Ask. The absolute best time to ask a client for a testimonial is right after you've done something for them. Visit them at their new home shortly after they've bought or sold. Then ask if you can publish that testimonial

  • Real Estate Marketing Plan

5 Elements Every Successful Real Estate Marketing Plan Should Include

Developing a real estate marketing plan often is the difference-maker between realtors who succeed no matter what and those who fall behind at the first sign of trouble. The lack of one contributes to why 87 percent of realtors will fail in the first five years. In the following article, we’re going to show you

  • ugly website

How to Avoid Having an Ugly Website

Websites are important for every business. In today’s digital age, having accessible online information is crucial for success. Just having a website isn’t enough, though. What matters is what’s on your website. Website content needs to be geared toward making the consumer want to interact and engage with it. So, let’s take a look at what not

  • Stand Out With Your Clients

6 Fun Ways to Stand Out With Your Clients During the Holidays

Have you ever wondered how the tradition of sending greeting cards at this time of year began? I don't know, but if I were to guess, it would be to connect with family and friends we've not been in contact with for some time. Well, guess what? It's also a great time to reconnect with

  • Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas

9 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Implement Today

Almost everyone is texting today; it's a convenient way to leave a message for someone without interrupting them at their current task. So, today's article "9 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Implement Today" offers some great ideas on integrating this convenient communication medium with your marketing. How about texting prospect photos of the interior

  • affordable real estate marketing tools

13 Affordable Tools You Need in Your Real Estate Marketing Stack

This week's article offers some of the more technical tools you can use to manage your business and your time. The first tool mentioned, Google Analytics, does require some time to learn how to read and absorb all of the information it collects. A tool not mentioned is Google Analytics sister, Google Search Console. Since

55 Stellar Statistics for Websites

Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of design, functionality, and content stats for websites. Imagine a world where a single, gigantic shopping mall hosted a store for every business worldwide. It’s easy to imagine that any business that doesn’t have a store in this mall may as well not exist, as every consumer looking to

  • real estate marketing ideas

23 Bulletproof Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Each week, I bring those of you in Real Estate more ideas on how you can market your services with real estate marketing ideas. Many of the ideas I bring are ideas you’ve seen and heard before… not new ideas. But I would like to challenge you. How many of them are you doing? Have

  • facebook marketing for realtors

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Are you marketing your properties on Facebook? Should you be? I have many clients who tell me Facebook doesn't work anymore, and they're kinda right but also kinda wrong. I continue to have excellent success with Facebook ads. Particularly when advertising listed properties, not so much for just prospecting for buyers and sellers. This article,