How many Social Media accounts do you have? How often do you post on each of them?

Social Media works, but only if you work it. We all know that Facebook only shows the content you post to a very limited portion of your followers and, there are literally hundreds of others who would read it if they knew about it. To be successful with Social Media you will need to expand your audience.

Colton Bollinger, Founder of Jumper Media summarizes 3 ideas to improve your Social Media ROI in “3 Reasons You're Not Seeing Tangible ROI With Your Social Media Efforts”

paid advertising opportunities, 3 Reasons You’re not Seeing a Return on Your Social Media EffortsToday, according to Statista, some 22 percent of the world’s population is on Facebook, and a whopping 93 percent of Pinterest users are reaching for their credit cards to make online purchases. When people hear these numbers, they don't wait long before they too dive in head-long, eager to have their own slice of the huge pie. Typically, they open one social media account after another, in the hopes that one or two platforms will somehow convert and compensate for their overall investment of time and money. Related: The ROI of Social Media (Infographic) Social media success has little to do with the number of profiles you have, the photos you like or the people you follow — just as the success of your dating life isn't based on how many Tinder profiles you swipe right on. With so much content out there and just so much time in the day, the mindshare of the consumer is becoming more and more competitive among brands. It is no longer just a numbers game. Quality over quantity will win every time, which all comes down to your content and how you make it resonate with your target audience. 3 Reasons You're Not Seeing Tangible ROI With Your Social Media Efforts

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